Our school has a compulsory uniform.

School hats are available to purchase at the school office for $10. These must be worn by all children in terms 1 and 4.

Our uniform supplier is Schooltex which is sold at The Warehouse in Napier.

We have a small amount of second hand uniform available at the school office. If you have any uniform you would like to sell or exchange, please drop in to see us.

We also print iron-on student name labels for uniforms (this is not the school logo). Please contact the office for more information.

Commonly asked questions

- Are there long pants available?

Yes, there are unisex blue pull on trousers available at The Warehouse.

- What if they get cold in winter?

Children are able to wear plain black tights/skins or leggings under their skorts/shorts during winter.

- What shoes and socks can they wear?

Children can wear any kind of appropriate footwear and socks. It is appreciated if these are able be put on and off independently.

- Can they wear thermals under their uniform?

Yes, boys and girls are welcome to wear short sleeved thermals under their polo shirts.

- Do we have to buy a sports uniform?

No, if children are playing in a school team they will be given a sports uniform to wear for the season. They may need to purchase red socks and mouthguard.